Use the Power of Positive Thought to Save your Marriage

It's never to late to top a divorce so buck the trend, don't just sit around and wait for the end, pick yourself up, get motivated and look at how to save your marriage. You may feel tired and deflated, you may feel that you've tried everything you can think of but with the right help and the power of positive thought you can and you will turn your life around and save your marriage.

Firstly you have to remember you are not alone, if your stuck and you don't know which way to turn there, is help out there. Secondly, if you refocus your thoughts, think of your marriage as a puzzle that needs to be solved, and considering that there are two people in the relationship you don't have to solve it alone.

To start, just take baby steps. Don't imagine that all your problems will be solved over night, don't think that by reading one article you should be expected to walk away and know exactly how to save your marriage but do go away considering the first step that you need to take which is to establish what has gone wrong.
  • Baby step one - sit down and make two lists, the first should list everything that is good in your relationship and everything that is good about your partner and the second list should be of the problems that you feel need to be solved. The key word here is 'solved', if you set out believing that you can find a solution then you will find a solution. This is the power of positive thought.
  • Baby step two - once you have your two lists focus on the positive points, visualise the good times and bring to the very forethought of your mind the happy times in your relationship and the love and passion that you want to re-ignite.Think of all the positive reasons for saving your marriage.
  • Baby step three - take your list of issues to be solved and divide them into two. The first list should be of things that have changed during your life together and the secong should be of things that have always been there but which you ignored during the happier periods of your marriage. 
  • Baby step four - focus on the list of things you believe have changed in your relationship or changes that you have noticed in your partner or yourself. Don't read through the whole list, you might have just one or two items you might have twenty but you can only work on one point at a time. Take the first point, write in on a new sheet of paper and get to work on stopping your marriage from ending in divorce.
  • Baby step five - just considering your first point on your list and only focusing on the one piece of paper with the first issue written on it write down when you first realised this issue had occurred. Try and remember what happened to make this change in your marriage and once you understand what caused the problem turn your thoughts on how you can resolve the issue.

If you need more information on how to tackle different issues with your marriage, be it communication, infidelity, finance or sexual relations, work your way through the other articles in this web site or, for a complete and concise A - Z guide on how to save your marriage, click here.


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I was on the verge of divorce when I decided to follow the advice given by 'Save your Marriage'. For the first time in years we are happy again so thanks for you help, it made all the difference.

Debbie Tumulty

I really would like to say how much I appreciate the help and advice you have given me. I thought my wife would never forgive me for my infidelity but now, thanks to you, we are giving it another shot.

Brian Reese

My sex life was up the spout to say the least but now, thanks to save your marriage, we have learnt to show how much we love each other again. Keep up the good work. 

Leslie Coates

I really hated going home until I visited your website, now I can't wait to finish work!!

Peter Scotten

I've had brilliant success with all the techniques I've learnt from save your marriage. I never though it would be possible, but thanks to you, my marriage is better than it was at the start.

Lyn Benning